Daniel Gies

Program Manager
Daniel Gies is a microfinance and SME lending expert and serves as Program Manager to various “EU/EBRD SME Finance Facility” projects designed to increase lending and leasing services to rural areas. Over the past seven years he has managed numerous EBRD-funded technical assistance programmes for Societe Générale and Raiffeisen Landesbank affiliates, as well as other microfinance and SME finance assignments in Mongolia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Pakistan, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Afghanistan. He is active in corporate governance issues and serves on a number of supervisory boards of major microfinance and business-education institutions in the Balkans.

He is also implementing a project in Serbia on the development of a regulatory regime to support microfinance lending, working closely with the Serbian Ministry of Finance to draft legal regulations, by-laws and supervision requirements. In managing this project, he is responsible for providing recommendations to a Working Group of major donors on revitalizing the microfinance sector in Serbia, while working as a consultant on USAID projects to develop new lending products for two banks and microfinance institutions in Belgrade.

Before this he served as Chief of Party for FLAG International LLC on a 3-year, $2.5 million USAID-funded program for SME development and microfinance. His role on this project was to coordinate between major food processing companies and rural agricultural producers, negotiating over $1.5 million in forward production contracts for Croatian farmers as well as suggesting improvements to the processors’ value chain. During the project he fund-raised, set-up and managed a separate microfinance organization, Delaware International, to provide micro-loans and technical assistance to agricultural producers in the rural, war-affected areas of Croatia. Last year, he supervised the merger of this organization into a larger microfinance institution, remaining on the board in order to assist in its transformation into a Credit Union. Before assuming this position, Mr. Gies served as Regional Director for FLAG International LLC in Croatia on various US and Swiss donor-funded projects. He also founded and managed a Croatian start-up internet company, raising debt and equity to form Croatia’s largest digital souvenir company.

Mr. Gies is a dual national US/French citizen, has an Masters Degree in Business Administration from Thunderbird, a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York, and speaks fluent English, German and Serbo-Croatian, as well as proficient Russian and French.